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Art Acquisition Survey
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  *Have you acquired art in the last 3 years?:  Paintings
 Hand pulled print
 Textile art (including hand made quilts)
 Vintage posters
  *Where have you acquired art in the last 3 years?:  Artist's studio
 Art fairs
 Artist selling on street
 Private art dealers
 Online galleries
 Home parties
 Thrift stores, yard sales
 Department or furniture store
  *Do you barter or trade services for art?:  Never
  *Have pieces in your collection been appraised?:  Yes
  *Is your art collection insured?:  Yes
 Some pieces
  *Have you acquired art through a consultant?:  Yes
  *Have you acquired art through a design professiona:  Yes
  *Who assits you in the placement of art?:  Design professional
 Art consultant
 Art/gallery dealer or staff
 The artist
 Friend or family
 I do it myself
  *Is more than 25% of your collection in storage?:  Yes
  *Do you consult with a mate before acquiring art?:  Yes
  *Do you prefer to acquire framed or unframed art?:  Framed
  *Are you interested in art resale services?:  Yes
 Not at this time
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